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We are excited to introduce you to “putty-less” impressions in our office. We now use Intra-oral Scanning for our restorative and orthodontic needs. The iTero Scanner captures thousands of images of your teeth. This image is then electronically delivered to the lab and from either software or printed models, the restorations are fabricated. Studies show this technology to be equal to or in some cases better than the traditional putty-like impressions. Patient comfort is greatly improved with the use of the scanner.

The iTero Scanner’s images are also used for the fabrication of Invisalign orthodontics. The images are then sent to Align Technologies and with collaboration between the technician and Dr. Myers; an orthodontic treatment plan is developed and then can be presented to you. A 3D image and video of the treatment can be presented to you – the patient – to see the projected time and outcome of treatment.

To date, approximately 16% of our country’s dental practices have incorporated this technology. Along with Digital Radiography and the 3-Dimensional Conebeam Radiography, our practice continues to offer you the best and safest options in dental diagnosis and treatment.

3D Milling and Printing

Our laboratories use 3D milling and printing of models. There are times when “classic” impressions are necessary, but today’s technologies allow for 3D scanning and then converting these scans into solid models to be used for the final prosthesis. It is very accurate and increases the comfort level for the patient. However, sometimes it is a combination of older and newer technologies that gives the best final outcome to simple or complex restorative cases.