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Having had my run of dentists due to relocating and needing a lot of dental work over my life, Dr. Myers combines two often unseen components of dentistry; compassion and the gold standard in dentistry skills. From his office environment, personality, and his obvious skill set, my wish is that everyone, young and old, could be under his care. Dr. Myers, and his kind office staff, without hesitation, makes me look forward to going to the dentist!

R. J.February 2023

After many years of dental office visits here in Maine, I needed to find a new dentist. My wife recommended Dr. Myers, as did my sister-in-law and niece, who have all been under his care for years. Their endorsement met my personal experience. As his patient, I feel absolutely confident in his skilled, professional hands. He explains procedures and makes sure of my comfort, and always makes follow-up calls to see how I'm doing. The medical assistants and office staff are very supportive, and overall, I feel I'm treated like royalty!

T. K.November 2021

Dr. Myers is an absolute leader in providing quality Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Myers is efficient and compassionate. My dental experience as a child is nothing short of traumatic. To find such an amazing, kind, and gentle dentist is a gift. I took my seventeen-year-old son to Dr. Myers and my son said " I actually now look forward to going to the dentist". The front desk staff welcomes us like family and is so helpful with any request.

S. H.February 2020

I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for close to two decades and could not be happier with the care, precision, and professionalism that I have experienced from each and every member of the staff. I would absolutely recommend this office to anyone in the Greater Portland Area looking for superb dental care.

A. B.October 2018

Amazing. Amazing work. Painless, caring, amazing customer service!! Almost unreal and rare customer service. They remember every single detail, not only about you, but your entire family.

Both my husband and I have been patients of Dr. Myers for many years. He and his staff are very professional, yet like family. His dentistry is A+++ If you’ve ever been afraid of the pain of dental work, you don’t need to be here. We both recommend Dr. Myers and his staff highly.

I’m 62 years old and I have never had such a complete and thorough examine as I did with Dr. Myers. He took his time and gave me options on my teeth and the long-term health. His staff was amazing, extremely professional and kind. The work Dr. Myers has done so far has exceeded my expectations. I found Dr. Myers by following my hygienist. I am so glad she went to his practice. In addition to her being very happy with her new team I found a tremendous dentist. Thank you to Dr. Myers and his entire team for giving me excellent service.

J. C.October 2018

After a 10-year history of a severe eating disorder, Dr. Myers worked hard to restore the natural teeth I had left and to replace my teeth that were beyond saving. I always left his office with a presentably lovely smile. But the day came when the bridge replacing my top front teeth broke off because the teeth that anchored it started falling apart. Dr. Myers saw me that day to creatively do what he does best, so I didn’t leave the office without my top front teeth. Other back teeth on top were also breaking down, so at the end of the appointment, Dr. Myers sat me down to discuss plans for moving forward.

It was apparent to Dr. Myers and me that there was nothing left that I could do to save the top teeth I had left. Every tooth was seriously compromised, so we discussed my options for an upper denture. With tears in my eyes, Dr. Myers calmly and caringly explained my options. I immediately clarified that keeping dentures in place with a denture adhesive was not an option! He then explained the other options of getting a denture that was attached and removable, or I could consider getting implants and a denture that was permanently attached to six implants. I immediately chose the latter after Dr. Myers said he would not let me go through the year-long process alone.

Dr. Myers, when it was time to go to the oral surgeon to extract my upper front teeth and put the implants in place, I could not believe that you would be present for the entire procedure! When I asked why, you simply replied, “I told you I’d be there for you.” I left the Oral Surgeon's office with my first denture set and a beautiful smile.

My final dentures are perfect and look the same as my natural teeth. Dr. Myers, your artistry and cutting-edge knowledge are to be commended! Thank you for being there for me every step of the way with my total upper tooth restoration work. Every visit has been painless and pleasant; few people can say that about going to the dentist! I always look forward to seeing you and your staff at my appointments.

Finally, I have to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for making time to see my 34-year-old special needs son immediately when needed. You didn’t charge me, but you should have!

Thank you all again for everything! You’re the BEST!

V. M.October 2009

I have been a patient of Dr. Myers for 36 years. He and his staff are very friendly and caring. A few years ago, I was not happy with my chipped-aging teeth and Dr. Myers worked with me to create a beautiful smile. I’ve even had people stop me on the street to tell me what a beautiful smile I have.

N. J.October 2006

I have been a patient of Dr. Kenneth Myers for 23 years. He bought out my last dentist, Dr. Boynton, so I thought I’d give him a try. The first time I saw him I was amazed at how gentle and caring he was. He was very sensitive to hurting me which I had never had before so I was hooked. He has done countless fillings, crowns, extractions and, most recently, a bridge. His office has done many hours of cleanings, x-rays, and examining my teeth. His staff is great! Rachel, his dental assistant, has been wonderful to work with. She really cares about us and goes over and above to be sure we are taken care of. His dental hygienists have changed a couple times over the years but have all been very easy to work with and do a great job! The rest of his staff over the years have been very nice, professional, friendly and easy to work with. I recommend Dr. Myers to anyone looking for a dentist. I would never change my relationship with Dr. Myers and his staff.

K. H.October 2003