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Dental Services

dentist-maine_0013Oral Health Diagnostics

Through a comprehensive exam and supplemental records (such as radiographs, photographs, and study models), a complete evaluation of the patients dental needs to maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime is performed. This diagnostic approach is also used to evaluate all functional and esthetic concerns a patient may have.
Periodontal Treatment

Initial treatment of periodontal disease and routine cleanings are performed in our office. The periodontal health of a patient is the basic foundation of all restorative needs. More complex periodontal treatment is referred out to the Periodontal Specialists we maintain professional relationships with.

Prosthetics (Restorative Dentistry)

The reconstruction of the dental structures can be a very complex endeavor. Depending on the severity of the dental disease, the patient’s needs may include but not limited to:

  • Dentures or Partial Dentures: Replacement of part or all of the missing dentition with removable prostheses.
  • Crowns: A prostheses covering the entire tooth to restore natural form and function. This may include a single tooth or several of the teeth in a patient’s dentition.
  • Inlays and Onlays: Restorations that restore damaged or missing tooth structure. These restorations can either be made of tooth colored ceramics or gold.
  • Bridges: This is a restorative technique to replace missing teeth by using the surrounding teeth as supporting structures. These restorations are similar to crowns in their fabrication and function.
  • Implants: By placing titanium supporting structures in the jaw bones, implants can be used as artificial roots for individual teeth, multiple teeth, full mouth reconstructions, and supporting mechanisms for dentures.
  • Basic fillings: To restore worn or decayed dentition with composites (tooth colored fillings), amalgams (silver fillings) or gold restorations (gold fillings). There are a variety reasons why and when each of the materials should or could be used.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Also referred to as esthetic dentistry, it is the restoration of natural form and function of the dentition through the means of Bonding, Veneers, Crown and Bridges, or Implants.

Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfunction

Often patients develop joint or muscle discomfort created by a dysfunction of the masticatory system. This can be caused by trauma, parafunctional habits (grinding and clenching), or poor dental work. It is truly the process of developing functional harmony between the teeth, muscles, and joint.