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Gingivitis or Periodontitis are also known as gum disease, is an inflammatory disease affecting the tissues supporting the teeth. In its early stage, called gingivitis, the gums become swollen and red and may bleed.  It is considered the main cause of tooth loss for adults. In its more advanced form, called periodontitis, the gums can pull away from the teeth, bone can be lost, and the teeth may loosen or need to be extracted

Periodontal disease is generally due to bacteria in the mouth infecting the tissue around the teeth. Factors that increase the risk of disease include smoking, diabetes,  and family history.  Diagnosis is made by examining the  tissues around the teeth both visually,  using a periodontal probe, and by radiographs looking for bone loss around the teeth.

Treatment involves good oral hygiene and includes regular professional teeth cleaning. Recommended oral hygiene include daily brushing and flossing. Nationally, half of those over the age of 30 are affected to some degree with gum issues, and about 70% of those over 65 have the condition.

Initial treatment of periodontal disease and routine cleanings are performed in our office. The periodontal health of a patient is the basic foundation of all restorative needs. More complex periodontal treatment is referred out to the Periodontal Specialists we maintain professional relationships with.