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The Hygiene Corner

The Hygiene Team’s Advanced Training

We believe that quality dental hygiene care is important to the total well-being of every patient treated. Therefore, our hygienists are constantly researching and staying current on new advancements in dentistry to further educate our patients on how to keep not only their mouth but body healthy.

The following is a list of courses that Ann and Meg have recently attended:

Nutritional Considerations

“Nutrition for Life, Nourish Yourself”
“Understanding CAMBRA (Caries Management By Risk Assessment)”

Dental Therapies

“Regenerative Therapies in Clinical Practice”
“New Therapies for Treatment of Patients with Dentinal Hypersensitivity”
“Endodontics and the Conebeam”

Dental Implants

“Routine Dental Implant Care and Maintenance”


“Current Trends in Orthodontics”

Oral Conditions

“Oral Pathology and Oral Cancer Detection”
“Treatment and Diagnosis of Common Oral Conditions”
“Your Mouth, Your Body, Your Health and Salivary Diagnosis”

Hazard Prevention

“OSHA Safety and Risk Management”

The Plaque Smack

Our Practice’s Hygienists – Ann and Meg are highly educated and dedicated to their patients’ needs and concerns. They extensively research products on the market to find the best selection for their clientele.

They are the forefront to educating patients on ways to keep their mouth in a state of health.

They attend numerous courses on various topics to enhance their professional enrichment.