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You Do Know We’re Timeless…Right?

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Have you ever noticed that the people you know well never really change. After observing patients, friends, family and myself over a span close to 60 years, I have concluded we as individuals never really change over time. Our life situations are continuously in flux and we adjust to them, but our inner personalities are very consistent. In many scenarios this can be a disastrous trait, such as expecting something from someone that they can’t be or give, and we loose trust in them. However, to even know or understand the personality or traits of someone around you takes time, and often we expect too much too quickly.  For me, I feel it’s up to 2 years before we truly understand who someone is. Why we expect it should happen quicker then that seems naïve.
Recently I was at the 50th year celebration of the Pankey Institute. A place I learned much about myself and how to be a complete dentist. To my good fortune, I reacquainted with a friend I had not seen since dental school some 33 years earlier. Her smile, energy, and demeanor was exactly how I had remembered her from so many years ago. Although we had more than half of our lives experiences since we had seen each other, our conversation and interaction began exactly where it had left off. It was a safe feeling to know her soul had not changed a bit. I found  comfort in that considering all the negativity we can feel from people we come into contact with on a daily basis. It was great to hear about her life, family and happiness.
Through life we will have so many people come in and out of our lives and we will never “click” with everyone we meet. But when you do find those who you find of similar heart and soul as you get to know them over time, hang on to those relationships as much as you can, because they have little chance of change. Let’s call it the magic of “old friends.”
The 50th anniversary of the Pankey Institute was a gathering of 400 like minded souls and personalities. This group will be a timeless and a safe place to be because it is a copulation of wonderful people and friends who I have come to know over time. And for those attending I didn’t know, “like attracts like!” I can trust that group of people will always be this way because honestly,  we really don’t change, and it won’t either….right?

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