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The Power of 80/20

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Over 30 years ago I made a commitment to help my patients retain their teeth for a lifetime. This includes a comprehensive approach to care and puts the old “patch and plug” philosophy of dentistry in the past. As I pondered this approach to treating my patients, I began to think about those who have put the effort into maintaining oral health a lifetime. So, 19 years ago we formed the 80/20 club for my patients who were at least 80 years old and had maintained at least 20 of their teeth. Through the years, this has become a large annual event to celebrate this health success!. This September 27th, is our 19th annual meeting. 150 members have been invited to join us to celebrate this dental health accomplishment. Everyone can accomplish this feat of maintaining their teeth a lifetime. It takes dedication, effort, and good guidance. Congratulations to our 80/20 members!

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30 year practicing dentist in Falmouth, Maine. University of Michigan, B.S., D.D.S., Harvard GPR, Pankey Scholar