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It is time….

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Years ago I became used to using the pen to try to figure out many of life’s issues that seemed to fall before me. For years, it appeared to work with magic and I enjoyed the learning and sharing process. About 10 years ago, a major life event occurred, and my pen went silent and was lost in a drawer. As I think back on this period of time, the experiences I have encountered both personally and professionally are many, and although the core of my being is the same, I have been shaped in many ways. I am more complete, but at the same time find that parts continue to be missing. My hope is that as I allow the pen to flow again, I can give wisdom to my friends, patients, fellow dentists and I hope to those who just want to listen. I am concerned about society, I am concerned about my profession, I am concerned about the young, I am concerned about the old and what lies ahead, but yet I have belief and hope in how life and society continues to work itself out. So, I hope over time we can share, learn, think and grow as some of these concerns are discussed and addressed. Some of my thoughts will be new, and some from the past. My pen maybe shaky at first, the ink may not flow with ease, but as I so often say when a crossroad occurs, “It is time…”  km

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30 year practicing dentist in Falmouth, Maine. University of Michigan, B.S., D.D.S., Harvard GPR, Pankey Scholar